DR-Head_medDragon Racing International based in the United Arab Emirates offers a bespoke motorsport service that ensures an exceptional client experience. The latest Ferrari, McLaren, AMG and JCW MINI Cup race cars with factory trained technical support are available for all Middle East events including the Dubai 24 hours and the Gulf 12 hours. A fleet of McLaren Sprints and Ferrari Challenge cars, trackside hospitality and professional driver coaching ensure the ultimate trackday event.                          
                                                     For full details visit www.dragonracing88.com

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Dragon Racing International’s Ferrari GT3 and Challenge cars are available for the UAE Procar Endurance and Sprint Race weekends and seats are available in the Ferrari 488 GT3 and AMG GT4 cars entered in both the Gulf 12 hour and the Dubai 24 hour races. Full technical, coaching and logistical support is available including the opportunity for pre-season testing, expert data interpretation plus hospitality and concierge services. As Director of Racing, Rob is personally involved to ensure client safety and enjoyment as well as providing one-to-one coaching, track familiarisation and data interpretation as requiredAmg1_med.488above_med

Dragon Racing International have a fleet of McLaren Sprint cars which develop 616hp and have active-ride suspension. These vehicles are specifically developed to provide an unparalleled driving experience. Combine this with either the spectacular Yas Marina or Dubai Autodrome circuits, then add Dragon Racing’s superb hospitality and concierge services to ensure an unforgettable event.MCL_sprint_med

mini_medThe Dragon Racing JCW MINI Cup is available for the UAE Procar Championship. For more details see the Dragon Racing International website or enquire here.

Other vehicles from the Dragon Racing International fleet are also available. For more details see the Dragon Racing International website or enquire here.



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